Debates in the Digital Humanities – USF Reading Group Dinner

The DH reading group met for dinner at Jannah restaurant off campus (thanks Dean Camperi!) the evening of January 24, 2013. The folks around the table for the lively discussion included Tracy Seeley, Michael Rozendal, Peter Williamson, Ron Sundstom, Marjolein Oele, Colette Hayes, Shawn P. Calhoun, Xavier Gomez and Chris Brooks. debates_book_image_mini

The conversations were wide ranging and covered many issues related to DH as presented in Debates. While Debates provided a number of starting points to our conversations, the groups discussions about DH, pedagogy and instruction at USF were particularly interesting. While there were a number of themes that emerged from our conversations, a few in particular that stood out to me (Shawn) include:

  • The definitions of DH in Debates were at times difficult to pin down, at least as they relate to medium-sized liberal arts colleges like USF
  • The pedagogical opportunities and implications of DH appear to be an area that might benefit from additional attention
  • We are already ‘doing DH’ at USF (but the definitions of DH continue to confound…)

As the conversations wound down at the end of the evening, a few possible next steps were discussed. One thing that will hopefully happen is that this blog will become one of many places on campus where conversations regarding DH will continue to take shape. USF has an strong set of existing resources upon which all of our DH work can be built – but getting the word out about these resources needs to happen.  Also, this blog and the USF DH website should become a stepping off point for USF faculty, students and staff to learn more about practical DH strategies, tools and methods that can be integrated into both research and teaching.

Once again, thanks to Arts and Sciences dean Marcelo Camperi for hosting the event and a heart-felt thank you to all of the folks who made it out for dinner. Stay tuned!


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